Anonymous asked:

so, i want to have a tattoo, but i don't have any idea. i have depression for 4 years and i'm after two Failed suicide attempts and i'm very thankful assassin's creed(especially ezio). and now i want to ask you a question: would you try to mix these things in one piece or is that a big problem for you? and sorry for my english. big hugs

I’m sorry, but I don’t understand this message.

Anonymous asked:

Now that you sell prints, what are you feelings on people printing glyphs independently, for there own use?

This is totally fine (and encouraged), just please don’t sell them! Patrons can get a zipfile with all the glyphs in their native resolution, which is updated regularly.



thewomanreplies said:
July 9th 2014, 7:08:00 pm

I am a hospice/oncology nurse and deal with death every day. I know what loss and grief looks like. But, while on vacation, a realtor showing our house for our landlady let our incredibly sweet, blind cat out and now she is gone. We have done everything in our power to find her and we are going to keep looking but she’s gone. I know it in my bones. I will never see her again. I watch people die every day and it is my cat disappearing that breaks me. I don’t know what to do. Everything hurts.

(Addendum: The cat was found safe

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