Problem Glyph Giclee Prints are now available on our store, with free domestic shipping!

These are 13 x 19” fine art giclee prints on Epson Velvet Fine Art, which is a 100% cotton fiber paper with an acid-free base. They are extremely plush, the blacks are abyssal and the whites are brilliant. Please keep out of direct sunlight, damp, and away from abrasions to the surface, and your print should last decades at least.


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so here’s the deal. 

due to Patreon bungling their payouts at the beginning of the month and my employer neglecting to pay me or return my calls for weeks at a time, money is pretty tight ‘round the ol steeb homestead at the moment. according to my calculations, after i pay rent and utilities for this month i will have approximately zero dollars, which is a number that needs improvement.

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Problem Glyph companion project, Glyph Poems, has just reopened commissions for a limited time. This guy is kept pretty busy running my media empire and proofreading my press releases for archaic cusses, so you should get on this while you can.

Anonymous asked:

Alright, I know you're cool with people getting tattoos of the glyphs, and I'm considering getting one or two myself, but what about making things like clothing out of them? Not for sale or profit or whatever, just for ourselves?

As long as it’s just for you and not for sale (because we are going to offer glyph clothing pretty soon), I would be delighted if you did!