sofiabannee asked:

Earlier I mentioned my problem, "The things we choose to believe in, to hope for, they are of the sweetest intention but baseless in this tragic reality we reside in." but I forgot to mention I have an obsession with peacocks. wink wink.

Thank you for your request, but I do not take input on the content of glyphs except for the problem itself.

June Retrospective at Problem Glyphs

June updates! June!!!

First of all, we are officially All Tumblr links will continue to work, but this makes getting here just a little easier.

Secondly, we are approaching 100 patrons over on Patreon, and I am currently ruminating on what the best milestone for that event could be. Someone asked about an “atelier” and I can’t really get the thought out of my mind. More on this later.

We should take a minute to appreciate that June marked our 100th glyph, [WARD], as well as glyph #100 (starting from glyph 0), [EVERY BREATH IS VENGEANCE]—which may be the very hardest glyph I have ever had to draw, and absolutely one of the most rewarding. outlawpoet has fabricated a woodblock of [EVERY BREATH IS VENGEANCE], which is in the mail and on the way as we speak.


I’m hoping this woodblock is going to solve the question of how best to put problem glyphs on patches, shirts, and other items. My first victim is going to be a leather jacket, and I will post photos of the trial run as soon as it’s complete.

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mycroft-holmes-lestrade asked:

Hello, I'm sorry for bothering you but I just want to tell you your drawings/Glyphs are beautiful. But their purpose eludes me, are they (magical) wards? Do they symbolise things? What is their purpose and why do you create them? how even. I'm sorry for prying or if I'm rude.

^^^ Here is where to find more info, and please don’t worry, you are not being rude in the least. Thank you for asking. This might help:

sam-is-the-man asked:

It was a submit because I wasn't sure how to phrase it. I ment more like a Celtic glyph that would help generally. I need to be more well rounded nicer.

I’m sorry, I don’t accept input on the style or content of a glyph other than the problem itself. Nor are there any Celtic motifs in any of the previous glyphs, because I have no idea how to draw that style of knotwork or animals.

sam-is-the-man asked:

So I already know exactly what's happening but still can't find my own way. It's been a long road... But I think in the end it will be worth it all. Love your glyphs, but I'm entranced by Celtic designs.

Celtic designs really aren’t my specialty, sorry! I can’t really tell if this is a glyph request or just a comment. Feel free to resubmit if it’s the former.